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NEW! DIRT-01v2 X Buggy 1/8 ( Tire ) 2pcs

NEW! DIRT-01v2 X Buggy 1/8 ( Tire ) 2pcs

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The 6 most important changes:

- We change the thickness of the entire mold by 5gr

- We eliminate all bridges on the interior walls

- We add the 3 lines for the insert to the inside

- Now it is 4mm wider to be able to glue it easier

- We reduce the width of the pins by 0.3mm

- We eliminated 5 rows of pins, to have more space between row to row

With all these changes, we improve in different track conditions, the tire increased grip by 40%, works 80% better in dirty conditions, works 20% better in bumpy conditions.

We think it will be the base tire and one of the most used, since in the tests carried out, it worked amazingly in all conditions.

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