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DIRT-03 v2 X Buggy 1/8 ( Tire ) 2pcs

DIRT-03 v2 X Buggy 1/8 ( Tire ) 2pcs

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The new DIRT-03V2 is already with us, a tire for many conditions, indoors and outdoors, Obviously made with the new X compound, the new V2 has a forward grip never seen before due to its complete horizontal central pins, Following our philosophy, we made a tire one millimeter wider and a little flatter, a tire with little wear contributed to the immensity of small pins on the sides, even works on dusty tracks.

The interior part was completely redesigned, with crossed elements (spider web) and with three lines that adapt to the insert, We removed the bars from the lateral sides, so that the structure is consistent with the rest of the changes made, Works incredible on all types of GRIP, low, medium or high, you just have to use the correct compound.

We work with the tire to make it much more ULTRA LIGHT, it is much thinner than the others, The spider web on the inside makes it more rigid, its weight will shock you.

If you give it the opportunity to try it, you will see that it is something different on the track

Enjoy it


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