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NEW! DIRT-01T X 2pcs TRUGGY ( Tire )

NEW! DIRT-01T X 2pcs TRUGGY ( Tire )

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The New X Compound, are available for all our tires, we have modified the raw material to achieve a longer duration, much more Grip, less overheating

This Tire is very similar to the Dirt-01 buggy, it works in similar circumstances

DIRT-01T was designed for tracks with a little dirt, wet and dry, it works in the following conditions:

- Tracks with a little dirt
- Long lasting mains
- High traction tracks
- Wet tracks (start of sessions)
- Difficult tracks with holes on the line

The compounds are amazing, it works for the QUALYs and MAINS very fast and consistent, they were made with small pins to avoid bending and for less wear.

🟢 Green Dot / Ultra Soft X
🔵 Blue Dot / Super Soft X
🟡 Yellow Dot / Super Soft X Clay Grip ( Long wear )

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